BlueWater Express is the safest, most professional, most reliable, longest-established and highest-quality fast boat service operating in the Lombok Strait. We are the trusted first choice of all top international travel agents, both Bali-based and internationally.

BlueWater Express was the first fast boat company offering services to Nusa Penida, the Gili Islands and Lombok, starting in 2006. Since we’ve been in operation longer than any other company, we’ve been able to continually improve, develop, upgrade, modernise, and invest in both the physical quality of our boats and the professional quality of our team.

BlueWater Express has a 100% safety record. That’s because we prioritise safety. Our boats are fitted with all the required safety equipment, such as life jackets and life rafts, and our modern technology includes GPS navigation systems and marine VHF radios. Our modern boats are maintained and inspected regularly. Professional safety protocols are followed at all times.

All our boat crews are skilled and knowledgeable, professionally certified, with long experience of the waters of the Lombok Strait. All crew members have competency certificates.

We also prioritise comfort. All our boats have air conditioning. We ensure more spacious and more comfortable seating than other boats. Where some companies cram hundreds of people in, we carry no more than a maximum of 84 passengers, all of whom have ample room to be comfortable.

All passengers are given seasickness pills and bottled water for the journey. The boats have modern, clean on-board toilets, and secure luggage storage space.

On shore, we offer the best customer service of all the available boat companies. Our customer service has been refined over many years, maintaining the best team, many of whom have been with us for over a decade. Quite simply, we look after people better.

We have our own dedicated departure and arrival lounge at Serangan, making sure that our passengers avoid the harassment from drivers that regularly occurs elsewhere, making the experience uncomfortable, especially for women. We are also the only operator to have spacious waiting areas on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.

Our front office staff are always charming, polite and helpful, whether on the phone or at check-in. You are guaranteed a completely professional, customer-oriented service from start to finish.

Our online booking system is excellent, easy and safe to use. It includes the popular transport add-on for the BlueWater Express Transfer Service. All ticket prices include passenger insurance. And if bad weather forces the cancellation of the boat trip, customers can change their departure date or request a refund.

We have the best, most modern and most extensive dedicated transfer service, to pick up customers from their hotels or the airport and take them to their boat in comfort. All our drivers are very experienced, friendly and professional.

We currently have 13 excellent-condition modern air-conditioned vehicles and 17 drivers, and we also have large minibuses available for busy periods.

Many of the ports and harbours on Bali do not allow normal Bluebird or Grab taxis to enter them. This means that the BlueWater Express Transfer Service makes everything much more convenient and easy. We offer shared transport to and from the main tourist areas, and private transfers to more out of the way places.

Our rates are very competitive, and a lot less than you will find when booking through other channels, either online or at your hotel.

Using the BlueWater Express Transfer Service guarantees you that your boat will wait for you if you are delayed.

We also offer private car and driver rental for people returning from the islands at lunchtime or in the afternoon but whose flight is in the evening, since many flights from Denpasar depart between 9pm and midnight. This will enable you to arrive at Padang Bai or Serangan by boat, then have a driver take you to a spa, beach club, and sunset dinner before taking you to the airport.

All in all, Bluewater Express is a premium-quality, British-owned, modern, professional fast boat company, with a 100% safety record, that focuses on customer comfort and satisfaction. The company has US$500m protection and indemnity insurance, to protect it against all risks. You are guaranteed the very best available fast boat service.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people say about BlueWater Express (none of these people are affiliated with BlueWater in any way):

“We sailed with BlueWater Express and it went well. They were very professional and the boat felt safe.”

This is according to the travel blog Northaboroad, run by a digital nomad couple from Copenhagen, from their article about Gili Meno here.

“Blue Water Express is generally regarded as the best fast boat company.”

This is the opinion of Travel à la Mer, the online upmarket travel company, from their travel guide to Gili Air here.

Here are the most recent reviews about BlueWater from Tripadvisor:

I paid double for my ticket and I’d do it again

I paid nearly double for BlueWater Express compared to the boat company recommended by our hotel after going down a black hole searching ferries, accidents, sea sickness stories and cancellations (so much so I debated on cancelling my Gilis trip). Here’s why I’d do it again:

  • they were on time every step of the way, from the car we arranged to pick us up and drop us off in addition to the ferry rides;
  • they were very easy to communicate with via WhatsApp and confirmed all the stages of transportation in advance;
  • they have been operating since the early 2000s, no reports of any accidents. You can take a look at their website and see the boats they have in operation currently, the boats have AC, all rides include safety briefings and loads of equipment;
  • my husband told the staff I was nervous when we checked in and they insisted on saving me a seat in the back (where you can feel the bumps the least).

Thanks BlueWater for the great experience and investing so heavily in quality equipment, procedure and safety for all us anxious sea travelers!

December 24, 2023


Choose BlueWater!

Despite having a return ticket with Semaya One, we couldn’t bring ourselves to repeat such an awful journey. Instead we bought another ticket with BlueWater Express. Best decision. This was a much better experience! Staff were friendly and helpful. Communication great with WhatsApp comms before travelling. Despite a bumpy passage over, the boat felt safe, left on time and arrived early. Would definitely recommend this company! A little more expensive than others but 100% worth it.

December 6, 2023


Good Communication and service from start to finish

After reading the horror stories of some boat companies I was dreading this. I really shouldn’t have worried. I booked a shared transfer from Ubud to Padangbai. They text the day before to confirm the collection time from our hotel.

On arrival the port they checked us and our luggage in and we waited in a comfortable area. Plenty of places to get a drink etc.

The boat was big with air conditioning and the ride to Gili T was fairly smooth. Bags were unloaded quickly.
I have absolutely no complaints about anything and would use them again. Many thanks.

November 2, 2023


Great experience, on time, safe, organized

Took this boat from Serangan (Bali) to Nusa Penida and had a really positive experience. There are so many boat options to choose from and some of the reviews are downright scary. This boat, no issues!
We chose the pick up and drop off option they have and they were very prompt at pick up. The port at Serangan is quite nice, they have a little cafe for you to get some food and drinks, not a huge menu but enough options to have breakfast if you so choose (omelette, bagel, croissant and sandwiches available.) And there is a bathroom here too.

I got a WhatsApp text one or two nights before pick up giving me a copy of my ticket and my driver information, we were picked up and taken to the port. When you arrive to check in they give you a tag to put on your luggage and then the staff there take your luggage and load it to the boat for you. When we got onto the boat we were given a bottle of water and a mentos mint. The boat was not crowded and the AC worked. Ride was smooth.

When we got to Nusa Penida they had already taken our luggage off and confirmed with us that they had gotten all our luggage.

When we arrived back at Serangan, just walk back to the port as they will handle the luggage. Since we chose BlueWater Express transport back to our hotel they make announcements with your name and hotel and when you hear it, they point you to your driver and they load your luggage and away you go to your hotel. I found the process very organized!

October 31, 2023


The best service, highly recommended!

The perfect service from a great team at Bluewater Express.

Normally suffer pretty bad with sea sickness but was absolutely fine the whole journey!

Definitely recommended!


Professional Service

Overall really happy with service and journey. The boats always left and arrived on time, compared to the other providers there are good safety procedures, staff who support the loading of the bags and the boat itself was more comfortable than some of the other providers. We fell asleep on the boat every time we travelled with them! Perfect example of you get what you pay, worth paying more for a better experience!

September 29, 2023