BlueWater Express is the longest running operator in the Gili islands fastboat business, having pioneered the industry in 2006. We are therefore very experienced in sea conditions and passenger concerns, and place maximum priority on comfort and safety. We are the only operator to offer multiple departure points (South Bali and East Bali), which is very popular for passengers planning on round trips from South Bali, via Gili Islands, back to Central Bali (eg. Ubud) via Padang Bai.

We are not a mass-operator, and are therefore aim to give more a personalised “boutique” service to our guests. In the (very rare) event of delays or cancellations, we always take care of our guest as best we can, ensuring you arrive at your destination in reasonable time, depending on the situation. We also provide partial refunds when passengers are transferred to other operators. Please see cancellations due to bad weather (Q. 19) for more details.

Online is the best option, where we offer live availability and instant confirmation. You simply need to select your route and date and fill in the details provided. Payment is easy with credit card or via Paypal. Alternatively you can call our reservations numbers anytime from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. We do not recommend showing up without having made a reservation as we often get full during busy periods.

For some last minute bookings (eg by phone the day before), we can offer the option of payment upon departure.

We strongly advise against using small tour desks in Bali, Gilis and Lombok. Book direct with us to get best discounts and reliable information. Many small kiosks are unlicensed and you have zero chance of getting any refund if things go wrong, and mis-communications are common – eg people get booked onto the wrong boat. Booking directly with or through a reputable travel agent is highly recommended.

Yes, we usually run various promotions throughout the year ranging from 10% to 20% discount for online booking, telephone booking or walk-in to one of our offices. See website or call us for details. If you enter a search in our booking engine, the price after discount will be shown for your selected dates.

We are currently building relationships with accommodation in Bali, Gilis and Lombok for package deals. Please see our Special Offers page for further details.

Please see map: If you are staying in South Bali, depart / arrive Serangan Island. If you are coming from / going to East or Central Bali, the port of Padang Bai is a better option.

Please note the travel time at sea to and from Padang Bai is an hour shorter than Serangan, so people who get sea-sick may wish to take this into account when planning their trip.
Please also note that we only drop to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Bangsal on mainland Lombok. Guests going to Gili Meno can easily get a local boat from either Gili Air or Gili Trawangan.

Yes, we have a good fleet of luxury air-con minibuses and cars operating in Bali. Click here for prices of shared and private hotel pick ups and drop offs. Please note that shared transfers are only available in the more popular resort areas. Outside these areas, it’s private transfers only, but our rates are considerably better than rates from hotel concierges.

No, only Bali. In the Gili islands there is no motorised transport, but the islands are small. Travel is by horse and cart (cidomo), which you can arrange upon arrival if your hotel is a long walk away, or contact your hotel before-hand to have it standing by when you arrive.

In Lombok, we strongly advise that you ask your hotel to arrange a pick up from the harbour at Bangsal – they all know where to go. The local community does not allow taxis, Grab etc to wait at our harbour area, and you will not get the best prices from transport providers on standby. However, you can take local taxis from within Lombok (eg from Senggigi) TO the port area. Taxis can drop you off at the harbour, but cannot pick you up: local protectionism!

No problem, just let us know when you have made your arrangements. Please note that if you do not tell us at least 24 hours before hand, we may not be able to provide transport!

Passengers who want to arrange their own transport are welcome to do so: hotels and tour desks can arrange this for you but are usually the most expensive.

It is safer and cheaper to book to BlueWater transport option – traffic is very unpredictable and we know the roads very well. We will also hold the boat for you if our driver informs us of a problem so you won’t miss the boat.

As a very general rule, sea conditions tend to be better earlier in the day, but this is not guaranteed. If you have an onward flight out of Bali, definitely choose the earlier boats so there is plenty of time to get to the airport. The road trip to the departure ports is also quicker early in the day as traffic is quieter.

Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands are blessed with great weather and loads of sunshine most of the year. As a reasonable guide to sea conditions:

January – March: cancellations possible (two days in 2017, no cancellations 2016). The rainy season can bring occasional storms and large weather systems forming off the north coast of Australia which can impact Southern Indonesia. Finding alternate transport in the event of a cancellation this time of year is not a problem as it is low season

April – June: excellent weather, usually calm sea. No cancellations whatsoever during the past 10 years in this period

July – September: Large, long swells forming in the southern ocean head up to Southern Indonesia as the dry season reaches its peak. These provide the excellent surf conditions found in Bali, and sometimes (very rarely) cause boats to be cancelled for a day or two.

October – mid December: Excellent weather, similar to April – June. No cancellations during this period, though we did have storms which cause some cancellations over Christmas 2016 for the first time since 2006.

Note that mid July to mid September is peak season for tourists, and the islands can get very crowded as well as prices being higher than off-peak. November and early December is traditionally the quietest month with guaranteed good weather, good discounts, as well as the best underwater visibility for diving and snorkelling.

This depends on time of day and how many guests are being picked up and dropped off. Early in the morning (8am departure) travel time from Kuta – Seminyak (West Coast of Bali) to Serangan Island is less than 30 minutes after the last guests have been picked up. Dropping back to your Bali hotel, or taking the 11am Serangan departure (peak season only) may take a little longer as traffic picks up during the day.

From Central Bali to Padang Bai (East Bali departure) takes around 1 hour after last guest have been picked up for the early 8.00am departure, a little longer for drop off and the 1pm departure.

Free-flow mineral water, candies are all free of charge, beer Bintang is available for purchase. Food and snacks are available at all departure points.

Yes! With wash-basin. Please don’t throw toilet tissue in the toilet bowl as it becomes blocked easily. There is a bin provided for paper waste.

Our trips are not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly or infirm, or people with heart of back problems, and our insurance only covers people up to 70 years of age. For people not covered, or pregnant women or people with health issues, they may still travel although we require a disclaimer be signed.

All boats are certified to International Safety Management standard and carry life-jackets, life-rafts, ship to shore radio, distress flares, throw rings, fire-fighting equipment and EPIRB. The Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon sends out a distress signal automatically for at least three days after being immersed in water, for detection by rescue services.

Up to 25kg check in (of usual proportions) and a hand carry baggage.

This sometimes happens, though is very unusual outside of rainy season (January – March). We always inform passengers as soon as possible when a cancellation occurs, and offer the following options:

  1. Reschedule for another day – subject to availability
  2. Cancel trip, make your own arrangements and get full refund of your ticket price
  3. Take slow ferry, with a partial refund of ticket price, depending on costs incurred for the alternate transport. Land transport is provided in Lombok. A BlueWater staff member will guide passengers on throughout the trip to deal with tickets etc.

As explained in our terms and conditions, BlueWater Express is a point to point carrier and we take no responsibility for missed connections. We always recommend travelling the day before your homebound flight for peace of mind, especially in peak season when alternate means of transport are usually full if the trip is cancelled for any reason.

If you have a flight out on the same day of travelling with us, choose the earliest possible departure and please let us know flight details and ensure we have a number and email address to contact you. We will do our best to prioritise you for the best alternative transport (usually local flight) and do our best to get you to the airport if there are any delays or cancellations.

Yes, in good seas conditions, but you must come down if instructed to do so by the crew. Use sunscreen!

Sea-sick pills are provided at reception before departure and on the boat. Try to take one at least 30 minutes before boarding. Look out the window and stay focused on the horizon.

Re-scheduling is based on seat availability and should be made 2 x 24 hours prior to guest departure for regular season and 7 x 24 hours prior to guest departure for high season (June 1 – September 30 & December 20 – January 5).

In the event of a ticket or booking being cancelled by the passenger, to charge cancellation fees as follows: Cancellation within 48 hours of travel: no refund. Cancellation more than 48 hours but less than 7 days from date of travel: 50% refund. Cancellation more than 1 week in advance 100% refund.

Pre departure on-site COVID-19 rapid tests available at Serangan departure lounge, just Rp. 150,000