If you’re planning your next trip to be slices of heaven on Earth, the Gili islands, you should be prepared in every way. Even when it comes to transportation. Without careful arrangement of transportation to the Gili islands, you could face time consuming problems that will ruin your vacation. But not too worry, there are a variety of ways to reach the Gili islands. It’s just the matter of approaching these forms of transport cautiously and give enough effort to research about their safety. We’ve composed a list of kinds of transportations we feel can get you to paradise safely and quickly for everyone who’s on a budget to those looking for a lavish getaway:

How to get to Gili Islands?

Take a fast boat from your location. Taking a fast boat to Gili is a common form of transportation. You can find a range of options from the really slow public ferries, to the luxurious private charters, and deep pocketed voyagers. Bluewater Express Bali is a rapidly expanding company that specializes in high speed boat transport services . With a 100%  safety record, you have our trust to bring you with our fast boat to Gili safe and sound.

how to get to Gili islands

Flying to Lombok to get to Gili. There are many airlines that fly to Lombok. Such as: Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Citilink, etc. However, ever since the new Lombok International Airport, airport transfers to the Gili islands are more expensive. Some traveler’s who took this route even say that the airport transfer could cost as much as the flight ticket!After arriving in Lombok, you can then continue to take a fast boat to Gili which is a
35 minute ride

Taking the shuttle/ public boat. If you’re really on a budget or just uncomfortable with the pricing for a flight to crossing only 60km and have some patience and time to spare, taking this public transportation may be ideal for you. But be warned, this may involve long waits and dealing with particularly unpleasant hawkers, so some people figure it’s not worth the hassle. But if you’re a die hard backpacker, you would probably find this route to Gili adventurous and a way to get closer to the locals. Here are some precautions to take if you’re planning to travel to the Gili islands this way:

  • Be aware of people getting ‘too close’ to you. They may seem friendly and informative when talking about getting to Gili but some locals use this is as a popular distraction tactic. If you’re immersed and unaware of your belongings, they could easily steal your valuables.
  • This route are for people who have an appetite for adventure. Consequences such as missing your boat to finding the boat to be  too full can lead you to no choice but to stay the night in Lombok and try again tomorrow. It really isn’t the most convenient way to get to the Gili islands.

fast boat to gili

Out of all the options we have suggested, we still feel that a fast boat to Gili is the safest and best way. Travelling with a fast boat is quick, direct, and even though a little more costly, you are paying for a peace of mind. Make us your first choice if you’re deciding to travel to the Gili islands with a fast boat. Our company is renowned for high quality service and well maintained vessels. Proud of our 100% safety record, nothing could go wrong! Contact us for more details.