Gili Trawangan, or in other words known as “Gili T”, is the ultimate tropical party getaway. Earning its fame from the rows of bars pumping out different genres of music for everybody to enjoy.

Known as “the Ibiza of the East”, Gili T is living up to its name. Constantly growing, Gili T is the only destination with majestic oceanlife to discover during the day, and the best of nightlife experiences when the sun goes down.

gili trawangan

The tiny paradise caters to every taste. From upscale lounge bars to bohemian-style venues. Having been a renowned fast boat service since 2006, Bluewater Express is here to share information on what you can do, (and places to visit) based on your how much of a party animal you are!

If you’re a laid back sun bear..

If you’re looking to just chill your way through the entire Gili T experience, here are a few places you can visit and things to do:

  • The Exile: A bar and accommodation with all things relaxing. The sounds of the ocean from a swimmable beachfront, a sunset hotspot, and a de-stressing atmosphere. If you’re as lazy as a sun bear, The Exile is for you. With beautiful choices of cocktails and martini’s, good live music, and great service, you would not want to leave.

If you’re a mountain goat..

If you’ve been island hopping before arriving at Gili T, as a mountain goat, you’d love this guide to bar hopping. The never ending rows of bars needs some loving, so here is a list of reputable bars to visit in one night at your convenience:

  • Evolution bar: Located just in front of the harbor when you get to Gili T, Evolution bar is the perfect first destination as you begin your bar hopping journey. Serving a delicious array of meals by the beach, accompanied by good ol’ live music, and a creative range of alcoholic beverages enough to make you tipsy.
  • Jiggy Jig’s: Jiggy’s will never fail to give you one of the best party experiences. If you’re up for some techno and trending music with a consistent event going on now and again, Jiggy’s is the place to go. The bar is also considered in serving the island’s cheapest happy hour.
  • Blue Marlin: Other than being famous for being one of Indonesia’s premier dive centre’s, Blue Marlin also offers fantastic food, an upbeat atmosphere, and exotic thirst quenching cocktails.
  • Rudy’s pub: A local and expatriate favorite, Rudy’s bar is the most happening bar in Gili T. The bar promises to be amazing and have a local house band playing every day of the week. The staff join in on the fun which much enthusiasm and willingness, making the service at Rudy’s even more delightful.
  • Tir Na Nog (The Irish): With an original concept formed in 2000, Tir Na Nog’s The Irish bar is a combination of 4 bars; 2 at the beachfront, 2 slightly behind. Playing a special DJ mix of all trending tunes and old classics. Once dinner service is over, the DJ steps in. Moving to a more heart pumping track.

If you’re a gorilla looking to go bananas..

This is for all of you specifically coming to Gili for a party experience like never before. We’ll update you with the latest parties and weekly schedule, to dance the night away on the island of Gili T.

  • Pre drink at Jiggy Jig’s that begins at 8pm until midnight. Home to the “Jiggy Jig’s Drinking Challenge”, we’re confident that this bar will get you prepared for the rest of the night.
  • As you head over to your next bar, look out for the infamous “Vodka Joss”. A local specialty made from a shot of vodka and a sachet of energy drink.

Now that you’re riled up for the rest of the night, here’s your weekly Gili T schedule:

Every Monday night– Party at Blue Marlin’s. A famous spot for locals and tourists to gather and dance the night away.
Every Wednesday night– Tir Na Nog The Irish has insanely large parties every Wednesday. On every other day and during Ramadan, they like to host silent discos.
Every Thursday night

  • Sama Sama is a reggae themed bar holding the best of Jamaican jams on Thursdays.
  • Pool party at the Gili hostel.
  • Quiz night at Trawangan Dive bar.

Every Friday night– Rudy’s newest joint hosts one of the biggest clubbing scene in Gili T. With other bars closing at 1am, Rudy’s doors will still be open till 3am!
Every Sunday night– Have a chill game of beer pong at Evolution while you wait for the dance floor to get packed!

Everyone in Gili is looking to have a good time. So while you’re here, respect others and respect yourself – stay safe and have fun!

Bluewater Express will ensure a safe, reliable, and enjoyable journey to Gili T or any of your preferred Gili island. To find out more information about the capacity of people our fastboat vessels can carry, check out our website.