Bluewater Express excels in transporting guests intrigued to explore the popular “no pollution, no worries” paradise: the Gili islands. We’ve experienced and dealt with a variety of complications our customers face. From sea sickness, being uninformed about the ideal attire, to losing their valuables. If you’re one of these people and you’re still facing the same problems, read on for tips about travelling to the Gili islands.

Tips Traveling to Gili Islands

Fast Boat to Gili Islands - Blue Water Express


Depending on your departure point, it can range between 30 min to 2 hours to reach Gili islands. For those who get seasick, this can be stressful to hear. At Bluewater Express, we provide seasick pills to aid you during your trip. But you can also practice these physical remedies:

  • Looking out into the horizon is a great way to get your mind off the motions you are experiencing on board. While everything is moving, the only thing stationary is the horizon. We’re confident this would work because you are witnessing Indonesia’s natural beauty as well!.
  • By Closing your eyes, you are shutting down signals in your brain that maybe contributing to your sea sickness. Things like ear plugs and an eye mask may help.
  • Turning to books and screens are not the best ideas to distract you from everything thats moving. We may even consider it as adding fuel to the fire. If you’re insisting on reading on the way to Gili, we advise to read small portions at a time while occasionally looking out into the horizon.

What to bring and what to wear

Tips Traveling to Gili Islands - sunglasses

Beach clothes doesn’t have to only be bikini’s and boardshorts. Its also about feeling comfortable and makes packing convenient for you.

  • Sandal’s are a must. Remember, comfort is key. Even if you’re visiting Gili Trawangan: the party island, it is still unlikely you would want to go to the party in heels.
  • Clothing to keep you cool is recommended. Not only should you consider tank tops, crop tops, muscle tanks and tees. But also what color they come in. Black clothing absorbs sunlight and heat radiating from your body, so you may want to opt for white clothing.
  • A good pair of sunglasses  is neccessary. Other than shielding your eyes from the fiery ball in the sky, you can use them to conceal tired eyes! Traveling takes a tol on the body and your sleeping patterns. If you’re not catching your ZZZs because of jet lag or partying all night, a big pair of dark sunglasses are an essential!
  • Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ? I’m sure that got your attention, because sunblock is something nobody should travel without. When looking for a sunblock, its those three letters that will affect your purchasing decision: SPF. Using a high SPF of 30 should be enough. But if you’re destined for a burn reminiscent of an angry lobster, opting for SPF 50 is recommended.

Feeling safe and secure

As an established company and purveyor of high speed boat transport and boat private charter, Bluewater Express provides a reliable service and a good safety record. Having our staff fully licensed with requisite certificates of competence, and have many years experience in the waters around Bali and Lombok. Even with the laidback and carefree atmosphere the Gili islands may give off, you should never let your defences down. So consider us to transport you safely and responsibly to Gili islands to avoid any complications that could ruin your holiday. Other than that, keep in mind:

  • When arriving at Gili islands and doing activities that involve the sea, take extra caution as there are no coastguards or lifeguards on duty.
  • Jellyfish are common, ask your accomodation or a dive site if they can provide full wetsuits.
  • Its lovely to connect with the locals and bar owners, but keep an open mind if anyone is persistent or gets ‘too-close’.
  • Make sure to approach PADI certified dives sites and avoid suspicious people offering diving trips around the beach.

These three miniscule (but packed with wonders) islands are a vision of paradise for most. But being prepared will make you vacation easier, worry free, and more relaxed. Contact us to learn further about the Gili islands and information about special offers and packages!