The small archipelago of the three famous Gili Islands offers a unique setting for all travel needs.

If you’re seeking endless nights of drinks and entertainment, Gili Trawangan is your choice. If you’re here for a family getaway, Gili Meno is the most suitable for you and your children. And if you’re searching for a secluded, rural and dreamy atmosphere, Gili Air is the one you’ve been looking for.

Due to the fact that motorized vehicles are non-existent, Gili Air gives off an intensely tranquil atmosphere. With a good balance between Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, Gili Air has just enough buzz to provide decent entertainment, as well as maintain its serene environment. You could say it’s the Goldilocks of the three islands – it is just right.

Enjoy the little things

Gili Air is not as developed as its bigger sister, Gili Trawangan. Therefore you can really feel connected and be part of the local culture here. The stretch of white sandy beaches, superb snorkelling and stunning sunset spots, attracts travellers who are search of complete peace and quiet.

Stay productive at Gili Air by doing all sorts of activities. The turquoise waters are perfect for swimming and first class sights to the islands extraordinary marine life. The waves are calm making it safe to snorkel in any area. There are plenty of diving centres that are more than willing to accompany you on a scuba diving session or help you get certified in Gili’s beautiful ocean. A reliable diving institute we’re familiar with and is under PADI is Manta Dive resort.


Yoga studios surround the island of Gili Air. Check out H20 Yoga and meditation centre and join a class to regain inner peace. They facilitate a beautiful setting and book any available retreats if you’re looking for an intensive improvement for your wellbeing.

The sunsets are something you can’t miss out on during your time at Gili Air. There are multiple restaurants and bars along the shoreline where you can enjoy an ice cold Bintang as you watch the sun go down. It is truly a memorable moment that will complete your tropical island getaway.

A cosmopolitan approach to Gili Air

Some people may want a more stylish approach to staying at Gili Air. Most of these options involves high end luxury hotels with in-house facilities to make your stay at Gili Air a sophisticated one.

sophisticated gili air

If you don’t fancy getting wet, take a dry approach to discovering the best of Gili Air’s ocean by going on a glass bottom boat. Where you can see mesmerizing ocean environment like you’re in an aquarium. These packages are usually offered with snorkeling or island hopping if you change your mind to have a dip in the sea.

There are fishing tours available if you fancy fresh seafood on your plate by dinner. It is ethically correct and is a once in a lifetime experience to be able to catch your own food. This is followed by a BBQ during sunset. So it really is money worth spending!

Slow spa is Gili Air’s best spa and wellness centre for you to recharge from all that biking and walking. Enjoy their amazing treatments such as their full body massages, facials, therapy’s, and so many other choices. The natural setting and organic products is just a cherry on top of an breath taking service.

Whether it’s Gili Air you’re looking for or the other two Gili islands, Bluewater Express is a reliable fast boat company that can deliver you to these locations. Running since 2006, we are safe, reliable, and can guarantee a unique and professional service. Our goal is to make your trip to the Gili’s a memorable one.

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