Whether you’re a newly wedded couple or a couple seeking new experiences, the Gili islands will create everlasting memories with your significant other.

The Gili islands are famous for preserving thier pristine beaches and traditional way of life. All 3 islands cater to different varities of tourists. So if you’re not enjoying the Gili you’re in, it’s on to the next one! Naturally, because this is a couple’s guide to these beautiful islands, we shall only be focusing on Gili Meno: the honeymoon island.

gili meno honeymoon


If you’re the couple who are suckers for all things cheesy and romantic, a candle lit dinner by a secluded beach during sunset must be the dream for you. With a relaxed and beyond peaceful atmosphere, Gili Meno will become the island you won’t stop dreaming about.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the smallest, and least developed island out of the three Gili’s. It’s so dainty that you’d be able to walk around the island by foot in 60 minutes! Although fresh water is unavailable and regardless of the island’s occasional power cuts, Gili Meno is truly for couple’s that want to enjoy their solitude. Travelling together is a rewarding experience, but its not the easiest to plan. So when you’ve arrived at Gili Meno, throw your luggage aside and take the rare opportunity to give all your attention to your significant other.

How to get to Gili Meno?

Getting to Gili Meno depends on where you’re travelling from, your budget, and your time. Taking a fastboat is the most common mode of transportation whether you’re coming from Bali or Lombok. It’s safe, reliable, and the fastest way.

blue water express

But of course, that also depends on the fast boat company you choose to take. Bluewater Express is a leading fast boat company that provides boat transfers to 6 popular Indonesian island destinations from Bali. We are the pioneers of high speed boat transports – operating since 2006 from Bali to the Gili islands.

Boasting a 100% safety record, Bluewater Express should be your first choice. Otherwise, other forms of transport to get to Gili are:

  • Take a flight from Bali, afterwards take an hour long cab, and then a 10 to 15 minute boat ride to Gili Meno. This is a great option for a significant other that is prone to sea sickness. However, with Bluewater Express, we always do our best to make the trip to Gili a comfortable one. Providing sea sickness tablets to our guests. This option will also save you from the hot and humid boat ride.

Where to stay at Gili Meno?

As the Gili islands continue to grow, so does the quality of stay. Numerous homestays, motels, hotels, and resorts began to bloom over the past few years of Gili’s development.

hotel room


This could range from a world class resort to a budget hotel. Here are a few accommodation providers we suggest that will compliment your trip as a couple.

Mahamaya Resort: If your pockets are running deep, Mahamaya resort is a stylish accommodation space that is every couple’s honeymoon dream. It is the ultimate tropical luxury stay inspired by Gili Meno’s immaculate beachfront and the island’s traditional influences. The resort also offers a variety of activities such as learning to cook Indonesian food with their in house executive chef, an adventure to explore Gili Meno’s oceans with their kayaks, and so much more!

Meno Dream: If you’re a travelling couple on a budget, Meno Dream is hands down one of the best options for accommodations in Gili Meno. The collection of bungalows are strategically located to be only a five minute stroll to the beach and surrounded by the finest flora and fauna. The natural setting will give you vibes of being in a hidden paradise. Run by a lovable local couple Made and Berni, Meno dream will go beyond your expectations. With cozy, comfortable, and clean rooms, Made’s beautiful cooking, and the boutique hotel’s hospitality, what could go wrong?

Don’t miss snorkeling in Gili Meno!

The most popular activity in Gili Meno is of course, snorkeling. To be able to snorkel in Gili Meno’s tranquil ocean is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rent out a snorkeling set from your resort and head to ‘Sea Turtle Point’ to discover an underwater environment like nowhere else.


You’re guaranteed to observe colorful schools of fish and if you’re lucky, encounter a sea turtle! It’s an experience you will want to share with your significant other.

If you’re getting burned out in Bali, escape with your loved one to Gili Meno! Bluewater Express will ensure a safe, reliable, and enjoyable journey to your desired Gili island. Find out more information about our fastboat vessels and schedules.