You too can become one with the ocean in paradise. Gear up and head to The Gili islands for a fantastic surf retreat.

The Gili islands are three small islands located in Lombok, a neighboring island to Bali. The three islands that make up Gili are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Each island possessing their own unique charm. Even though surfing hasn’t kicked off in the Gili islands compared to Bali, visitors who want to surf in waters that are a little less crowded occasionally visit this refreshing island.

Bluewater Express offers fast boat services from Bali to Lombok and other destinations. If you’re interested to head to the Gili islands for your next surf adventure, you can depend on us to bring you to Gili’s shores safe and sound.


Introducing the Gili islands

Just as each island holds its own vibes, so does its surf experience. While Gili Trawangan or “Gili T” is the most developed out of the three islands, Gili Air retains a local character. For those who simply want to escape it all is Gili Meno. It serves as the most ‘untouched’ and you won’t be bumping into other tourists very often.

Surfing in Gili Trawangan

Gili T can be a blessing when the surf is good. Surfers that have mastered drop fast waves will be rewarded with long rides and big swells with steep barrels.

  • A great choice for experienced surfers
  • Very little to no crowds
  • Strong, hollow, and fast
  • Best during high tide
  • Beware of sea urchin and jagged rocks
  • Sweet local community
  • A lot more activities to do if waves aren’t in your favor that day

Surfing in Gili Air

The wave break in Gili Air is short, hollow, and highly enjoyable. However, be very careful during low tide as the currents are stronger with a somewhat treacherous reef.

  • Be very careful of the reef
  • Avoid surfing during low tide
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Not crowded
  • Sweet local community

Surfing in Gili Meno

Everyone calls the break here ‘Secrets’. When conditions are good, Secrets can provide an impressive swell that results in a fast and long lasting ride. Wear a wetsuit to avoid injuries from the shallow reef.

  • Recommended for experienced surfers
  • Informative and sweet locals
  • Inconsistent however rewarding
  • Rustic atmosphere

While Gili T is the most developed, popular place for surfing in the Gili Islands, Gili Air and Gili Meno are worth a shot, especially if you’re in search for something new. For those looking for “hidden” and “secret” spots, don’t be shy to approach a local or ask around. You can also do a bit of exploration and on-site research.

Experienced surfers shouldn’t be afraid to break new ground, and with Bluewater Express, we can take you to that destination. We pioneered the fast boat service from Bali to all three Gili islands and are consequently the longest running operator in this field.

Our fast boats are modern and reliable with our proud 100% safety record. After your travel with us, just use your head, respect the locals, and the environment of these fantastic island treasures!